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E-BOOK: Design the Life You Desire-EBOOK ONLY


Tired of watching others have the life you desire? Are you ready to let go of the past that has kept you from moving on? Are you ready to harness the power inside you?

Get the Life Designer Series and Design the Life you Desire Workbook!

We will go through a comprehensive 10 Week Course Outline, as follows, to help you move forward so you too can have the life you desire. The outline will be as follows:

1-Intrinsic Motivation

2-R.A.I.N (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Non-Identifying)


4-Letting Go

5-Relief (The Happiness Hot List)

6-Your Roadmap Destination Guide

7-Stop Letting Money Stop You

8-Overcoming Fear

9-How to Manifest Miracles

10-Goals, Resolutions and Intentions for your future

(This year will be the last time to purchase this as this is getting removed from inventory and will be replaced with something newer!)

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E-BOOK: Design the Life You Desire-EBOOK ONLY

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